Artist FAQ

Should I bring {extension, audio, video, electrical} cable / gear / strips / boxes?

Yes, bring as much as you can. They are always in-demand.

Should I bring mic stands?

Yes, we only have one.

I’m a musician, do I need to bring my own PA?

We usually provide a power PA, mixer and direct box. Electric guitars / bass / keyboards should bring their own amps.

Can I project something?

Maybe. Projection should be tested at least 24 hours before showtime. We are not responsible for tech failures and video projectors frequently cause problems.

Can I have some sound / light cues?

Yes, if they are not too complicated.

Will there be a video of my piece?

Probably, but we can’t promise that. Arrange your own videography if its important.

Can I make a mess?

Yes, but it must be contained, there must not be liquids in substantial quantities, and you must clean it up afterwards.

Can I build something?

Yes, please bring your own materials and tools.

Can I repaint something?

Maybe, talk to us.

I’m a dancer, what is the floor like?

The main stage is non-sprung wood and 16×16 feet. The raised platforms are springy wood, 8×8 feet each, and raised about 6 inches. In between areas are irregular surfaces. You will probably want to wear shoes. The floor will also be somewhat dirty, dress accordingly. We often repaint the platforms for the show.

I’m a visual artist, what size work is possible?

Panels: 8×12 feet, 200 pounds.
Sculpture: 8x8x12 feet, 1000 pounds.
Small/delicate pieces: 4x12x3 feet, in a museum case.

Units above are WxH or LxWxH.

Can I rig aerial equipment?

Maybe, but you must work closely with us. The maximum height rigging point available is 16 feet and has 2 ton capacity. Its not high enough for performance on aerial silks (fabric).

Are performance gigs paid?

No, we can’t afford to do that. ¬†Each presenting act gets one free guest admittance.

Can I sell a work of art?

Yes, but you cannot advertise prices on your art. We do not take a commission.

What benefit is there for the artist if not money?

Free rehearsal space. Video and photo documentation of your work (extent varies). Promotion on our website and social media. Experienced artistic advising and tech consultation. Participation in the local art community.

Can I throw my own show in the space?

No, unless you work closely with us. As a prerequisite you should be a participating artist in at least one prior Foundry Nights event.

Can I restage a classic work?

Yes we encourage historic as well as new works.

I failed to make my art, can I try again?


You guys are art-fascists.

That isn’t a question.

What other rules should I know?

No fire. No glitter. Don’t stress yourself out, and don’t stress us out.