RADIX Presents Three Short Pieces

Jan 30th-Feb 2nd 2014

RADIX takes over the Foundry! For the first time ever Foundry Nights presents an exclusive evening featuring the amazing artists-in-residence, RADIX with MOONSHINE: THREE SHORT PIECES. The Radix Troupe crew has been working hard for months in long hours of rehearsal and building their incredible sets for this show. We think you should come.
–Andy & Ross, Foundry Nights Curators.


The Lady Aoi – A Japanese ghost play by Yukio Mishima. A living ghost tortures her ex-lover with the inside of a piano.

Tree of Codes – Movement set to original live music, inspired by Jonathan Safran Foer’s erasure poem. A young girl is trapped in a sinking house. The windows shake and the orchestra weeps.

The Distance of the Moon – A theatrical adaptation of the whimsical Cosmicomic by Italo Calvino. Back in a time when the moon orbited so close to earth, you could reach out and touch it.

Featuring: Hannah Michahelles, Marica Petrey, Eli Wirtschafter, Eric Newcombe, Mogli Maureal, and Brendan Liu.