Experimental Musicking #1

Experimental Musicking #1
Saturday, August 23, 2014
@ the Foundry Nights Gallery
8pm, $10 door, 21+, non-accessible

Show Schedule:
8:00 – OA
8:30 – Gradient Fade
9:00 – Pink Gaze
9:30 – Pale Reverse and Lorin Murphy (film)
10:00 – Cloud Shepherd
10:30 – Thomas Carnacki featuring Margaret Cromwell (dance)



Oa is an electronic music collaboration between writer Hugh Behm-Steinberg and experimental musician Matt Davignon. Using CDs, tapes and samples of a small-but-growing number pool of speakers, Oa breaks spoken language down to abstract sound elements, which are then recombined into improvised musical passages and textures.

Gradient Fade
Gradient Fade is the solo project of Geoffrey Clark Morris (Yriliad, Erors, Pliant Crystal Cling). Ambient/Newer-Age/Experimental, Gradient Fade is music for memory, loss, expeditions, returns, growth, decay…

Pink Gaze

Sharmi Basu (Beast Nest https://soundcloud.com/olgadagod), Tara Sreekrishnan https://soundcloud.com/tara-sreekrishnan (Dapplegrey https://soundcloud.com/dapplegray), & Benjamin Tinker https://soundcloud.com/that-hideous-strength (White Pee https://soundcloud.com/whitepee)) are Pink Gaze. This will be their last performance; “because we are too good.” They are an electronic improvisational trio exploring the lightness & darkness of memory, experience and expectations.

Pale Reverse

Pale Reverse exists in the spaces between technology and tradition, community and isolation, experimentation and dream. A solo endeavor by a human animal known as Gregory Hagan, low-tech analog and digital sound generators and effects intersect with viola and voice to create a sort of meditation/trance music. Feet in the sky? Head in the ground.

Lorin Murphy
Lorin Murphy is a 34-year-old Queer Identified experimental filmmaker. He is a bay area native graduated from the Academy of Arts Collage in 2003. Since then he has been working as a film projectionist in Berkeley.His work over the last six or so years is collage in nature and draws heavily on his experience as a film projectionist. Works are made using 16mm film, bleach, ink and removal of emulsion. A live score usually accompanies films.
Lorin has been working with other queer film community members to put on the queer film/video series Periwinkle Cinema. Over the course of three years the Periwinkle team has worked with over forty queer artists from the US and Canada to bring a monthly screening of Avant guard queer short films and features.

Cloud Shepherd
Cloud Shepherd is a San Francisco Bay Area quartet formed to explore improvised music, but in a more “ambient” setting reflecting their combined interests in spontaneous composition, drone-based music, and certain 20th and 21st Century classical and jazz music.
Andrew Joron (Theremin), Brian Lucas (Bass, Electronics), Joseph Noble (Flutes, Saxes, Keyboards), Mark Pino (Percussion)

Thomas Carnacki
A very unusual line-up for Thomas Carnacki, featuring very special guests, for a similarly infrequent collaboration (only the third time in around five years) with internationally-traveled dancer/choreographer Margaret Cromwell.
“Exquisitely captured creaks and splashes interwoven with almost-musical matter… an exploration of a haunted shipwreck, perhaps…. a beautifully engaging and evolving series of crafted textures and tones to orbit our ears and enter our unconscious. The result is an evocative dimension akin to Burroughs’ Interzone, whose definition works equally well in describing Carnacki’s soundworld: ‘where three-dimensional fact merges into dream, and dreams erupt into the real world…'” -The Quietus